Realization date: February 2014
Client: Apicoltura Giacomo Del Grande
Place: Lucca

Project title:
Apiary Remote Monitoring

The initial idea arouse thanks to a farm from Lucca that operates in the honey market and cares for the new trends of the “Smart Agriculture”.
The need was to be able to actively monitor the several colonies of bees in the area, in order to assess weight, presence and other useful values of the Air Quality analysis, which directly influences the quality of the honey produced.
The solution has been achieved by implementing a ZigBee network coordinated by a FluctuS control unit.
Each hive is weighed in “Real Time” by load cells connected to a ZigBee Low Power module.
Air is also analysed from several types of sensors:

  • CO
  • CH4
  • Air Quality

All this information is then forwarded to the concentrator that analyses and makes it available in a specific Cloud platform.